Inside the Studio


Every product begins with a story. A glimmer of an idea might come from a trip abroad, a ceremony Malene B participated in, a striking landscape, or even a walk in her neighborhood. With every collection, we venture around the world to find inspiration. When we do so, we document the process through photographs and journaling, keeping our minds open to finding innovative design solutions to connect you to our global community.  

Behind the turquoise door, we allow the unique opportunity to explore these ideas unfold in detailed sketches. We then create layouts, adding color and texture to bring our ideas to life. These explorations may turn into a carpet, wallcovering or tile, and sometimes they may cross multiple platforms.

We then collaborate with artisans all over the world, from weavers in Nepal to tile makers in Mexico. Complimenting traditional handmade techniques with modern design, we bring beautiful, functional, products to the market that tell the stories of the people, places and experiences we encountered during our travels.